The LIAM F1 urban wind turbine is able to generate about five times more energy than standard wind turbines of the same diameter


Introducing the LIAM F1 Urban Wind Turbine

The LIAM F1 is the first small wind turbine designed by The Archimedes for urban areas. An easy setup makes it ideal for use at homes, public buildings or high rise buildings. Unlike conventional wind turbines the LIAM F1 is insensitive to common urban turbulences, and does not come with disturbing vibrations and noises. The organic design makes this wind turbine well accepted by home owners.


Save on money and nature

The LIAM F1 is small and very efficient, generating to up to five times more than conventional wind turbines of the same size. The LIAM F1 has an attractive payback time depending on the amount of wind at your location, the actual energy generated, and the local kWh price.


Strong in a combination of solar and wind

The LIAM F1 operates very well in a combination with solar panels to maximize the yield of green energy. At days of less sunshine and more wind, energy will still be generated.


Low maintenance and easy installation

The LIAM F1 has a solid design with only few basic moving parts ensuring a very low maintenance. Because of its compact design, low-weight, and the low vibrations it generates, the LIAM F1 can easily be mounted on your roof top or wall. To make it even easier fitting roof and wall mounts are available.

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If you want sustainable green energy, generated at your very own home, a high energy efficiency, and a low maintenance, the LIAM F1 Urban Wind Turbine is the solution


 Sustainable green energy

 Independent energy source

 Low maintenance

 Affordably priced




The Archimedes introduces an innovative wind turbine design: small, silent, and affordable. Based upon the writings and methods of the Greek mathematician Archimedes the design mimics a shellfish, the Nautilidae (freely translated as sailor).